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When all preconception is stripped away, all that remains is an experience of pure being

Don’t despair. The uncertainty that you are experiencing is an indicator of the depth at which you are letting go. This is a time of digging deeper – of rooting out the faulty foundations that have bound you to an experience of a world dictated by illusion – by projections emanating from interpretation and judgement – both of self and others, of situation and of circumstance. As you allow these patterns of illusion and projection to fall away, there is the desire to fill the emptiness that remains with new form – new identities. It is imperative that you simply allow the emptiness – as frightening as it may be to be present to its vastness and its silence. The inclination is to fill the void with the clutter of ideas, beliefs and drama – anything to avoid the terror of having the distractions of the mind fall away.
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This purity of presence is the purity of light, the truth of who you are

The pregnant void – the vacuum of infinite density that surrounds and connects you to all things, all consciousness – that connects you to each other – this source of infinite possibility which has been recognized by your science is the field of information into which and from which your world emerges and is formed. While this field is invisible to most of you, it is nevertheless the malleable “stuff” from which all emerges. You are in constant interaction with it – and it with you. Your thoughts, intentions, and emotions feed into the field and are fed back to you in the manifestation of the events and circumstances that appear in your lives.

Knowing this, you are called to a new level of accountability and responsibility – to be aware of your contribution, your input to the shaping of your world as it moves into its new form. Your response to the events you perceive, your very perceptions in fact, impact the course of the evolution that you and the planet are undergoing.

The field is a boundless source and truly, the laws governing its access are shifting to allow greater and more direct interplay. The acceleration that is taking place is being made manifest on all levels. There is a quickening even of your physical form – a raising of frequency that will amplify your connection to the field – that will make more fluid the interchange and the resulting effect of your consciousness on the material reality you experience.

You can no longer indulge yourself in the role of victim. You can no longer abdicate your role in the creation of the life in which you find yourself. You are called to a new level of diligence and awareness. You are called to awaken to the patterns of thought and perception that have generated your experience.

With compassion for yourself and for the others who are similarly struggling to move beyond false identities and identification, you are called to relinquish your attachment to the identification with the stories of your life, the stories of who you are, the stories of who you will be. It is in the stripping away and release of such identification that you will access the light that resides at your core, that you will open direct access to the field and the unbridled possibility it provides.

Observe and release – your identities, your beliefs, your reactivity. Be naked and empty until all that remains is sheer presence. This purity of presence is the purity of light, the truth of who you are and it fills the universe with the brilliance of love made manifest.

Through neutral observation of the patterns of pain and suffering, these very patterns dissipate and lose hold

It is a journey – a journey to the depths and heights of your being. You embarked on this journey eons ago and now your travels are bringing you home at last. Although the destination is but a dim flicker on the horizon, these times herald an acceleration and your passage, although it may seem riddled with obstructions, is assured. Now is the time to gird your strength of spirit and continue. Continue to place one footstep after another. Continue with eyes and heart open to witness the emergence of the darkness as it makes way for the bursting forth of the light.
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Know first and foremost that you are the light

The time is nearing when the world as you know it will merge with the world as you’ve dreamed it to be – where all things are possible and indeed, all things are made manifest. Depending on your level of consciousness, your level of awakening, this world will be a world of your dreams or of your nightmares – or in truth, it will be a world that blends them both. At its heart, this is not so different from the nature of the world in which you currently exist, however the ease and immediacy with which your hopes and fears are manifest is accelerating and therefore the call to consciousness is an ever more urgent demand. It is ever more urgent that you face your demons in an outright manner – that you bring them consciously into the light of your conscious awareness. For once the light exposes them, the power of the shadows is mitigated and your power to choose is returned to you, is emboldened.
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Surrender is the letting go of the notions about oneself that define your limitation

About surrender – surrender is the letting go – of the notions about oneself that define your limitation. You are in truth a brilliant light, a spark of divinity – unbounded and radiant. The only limitations you experience are limitations of your own design – limitations that you have engineered to create the expansion of your awareness – to deepen your compassion, to enable you an experience of yourself in contrast to the illusion of another. The cosmic play is the ongoing fluctuation between wakefulness and sleep. The call in this moment is to awaken – to rouse from the centuries of slumber – to take ownership of the light – your oneness.
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This is a critical moment – a momentous time for the expression of free will

There is a battle being waged. It is a battle for souls. The earth is moving into a time of transition where worlds converge, timelines collapse, matter rearranges, and possibility expands. The veil of illusion is thinning and the bleed-through of truth will cause great disruption of long-standing thoughtforms. As truth meets illusion, there will be much disorientation – much confusion as to what’s real. As you bear more conscious witness to your hand in the shaping of experience, you will be faced with undeniable evidence that the reality you have perceived is purely of your creation. More and more, you will observe your influence; more and more you will recognize your projections. More and more you will have the experience of the artifice showing itself and the crumbling of what you had imagined as truth.
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The song of unity will lift consciousness on the planet into the next dimension

Please speak about the transitions and transformations taking place on the planet at this time as related to the shifting of consciousness.

It is time to free the voice of the one, the energy of wholeness, the unifying force as it is manifest on this planet. You are not separate from this voice, you are essential in it’s expression.  You are the many tones that together provide the resonance and form of that voice. It is a coalescing of energies that bring forth the resonance that will manifest itself in song; enriching the song of the cosmos.  It is time to for the song of the planet to move from the cacophony of disparate tones and rhythms to unified and sustained harmonies with the greater galaxy.
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Each moment holds the possibility of epiphany

The physical manifestation you call your self arises from the perpetuation of a thoughtform that is a collectively generated entity. By agreement of the collective with the personal perception and identification, certain patterns of expression are held in place.

Release and transcendence of these patterns is a function of consciousness. A shift in consciousness has potential to shift the physical. The trick in precipitating such a shift is in liberating oneself from the influence of continuous reinforcement of the defining thoughtform through a reorientation of self-perception – a redefinition that occurs in a space outside of time and its limitations.
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The zero point is you...

The nature of reality as it is perceived is a function of the transmission/emanation of signals generated by the pulsing of two interfacing contexts. We choose not to say dimensions as your concept of dimensions is bounded and flawed in its limitation. So, contexts is a word we use to express the notion of facets of being of energy, of manifestation unbound by the material – unbound by the conceptualization of matter, time & space, The interaction of these realms is energetic – creating something akin to what you might imagine as a disembodied friction – a motionless movement & counter-movement generating an imperceptible force that is the generation of all thought, all matter, all time and sensation.
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Accept and embrace without judgment. This is the path to wholeness.

Can you offer any direction for navigating conflict in difficult relationships; how to know when to work things through and when to let a relationship go?

Relationships are a reflection of where you are in your growth at any given time. When there is chafing in a relationship, this is to be understood as an opportunity for new insight; new insight about self and about the aspects of self that have been exiled. Although it looks as if the conflict is coming from outside oneself, in fact it is a collaborative effort between your conscious awareness and your higher self to provide you with an opportunity to rise to a new level of awareness.
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Know that it is you who is creating your experience

How can we know whether the messages & information coming through is coming from ego, source or other energies, if the source is beneficent and if the information is accurate?

It is always beholden upon  you to find the place of connection within yourself from which to evaluate the information with which you are presented. Now more than ever you are called upon to find your center and quiet yourself such that you will resonate with those things that will forward you on your path. Like time and the myriad realms of experience, truth too is relative to the evolution of consciousness. The words themselves do not convey awareness and understanding;  comprehension of the words is a function of one’s current state of awareness. And so the same words can have many dimensions of interpretation and thus many degrees of truth.
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Imagine time as a field within which experience occurs

Shall we talk about the structure of time and how it relates to our perception of reality?

The notion of time is inseparable from your reality construct. Imagine the motion of a gyroscope* with many cycles of motion revolving one into another. These are the dimensions of time that are integral to the structure of reality as you experience it. These orbits of time act as forces governing dimensions of experience. The thing you must know is that these forces are not fixed, they are not immutable, nor are they impenetrable. In other words, the structure of time can be penetrated. At the foundational level of consciousness, it is an overlay on experience that enables you to create an illusion of linearity by which you order your world.
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You and many others will experience a phase shift in awareness

So, I’m wondering, after all this time, what is the purpose of the information that’s coming through in this writing? Is there an agenda?

Initially, you chose to engage in this exercise of writing with the intention of sourcing a deeper connection to a broader knowing and indeed you have achieved that end. The broader knowing that you have accessed is the voice of the many distilled to one, a collective awareness shaped into words that convey the mechanics of the world you inhabit. You ask about an agenda and this question is one that implies a degree of attachment to an outcome. We view ourselves more as facilitators, providing awareness and tools with which you may decipher the structures of your reality in order to shape it in a more conscious fashion. Whether or not you choose to implement the understanding you are provided is a matter for you to decide. We have no attachment either way. We are observers and a compassionate audience to the evolutionary change through which humanity is now progressing.
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By changing your mind, you change your world

How does it all fit together, this physical form that we are subject to and the notion that it is all illusion? How do we bring this knowledge into living life from one day to the next?

The physical form  is a crystallization of light, of thought. The physical is governed by physical laws. There is an inherent paradox in the knowledge of yourself as both consciousness and physical form that is not unlike the seeming contradictions inherent in quantum and Newtonian physics. You are at once physical and non-physical and reconciling the two seemingly unbridgeable realities is a feat that is beyond the capabilities of rational thought.
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The shifting of awareness is an organic process although not linear

So, it’s been hard to write lately. The words haven’t been flowing as easily. Can you shed some light on what’s going on?

You have been integrating new concepts that your words do not readily express. Your thoughts have an interesting interplay with language. Because thought is not entirely bounded by language, there are some limiting factors that language imposes in translating whole and complete thoughts  into words. Thought itself can be experienced as an inspired moment  of awareness of an entire concept, as if an organic whole with no beginning or end, with no rational linear process of evolution. This type of thought is what you have been experiencing in reference to your questions about time and the words have not yet found a way to shape the subtleties that are still forming in your awareness. You are deconstructing the dimensions of experience of consciousness and you are racing ahead of your current comprehension in your eagerness to bring forth your expression.

This shifting of awareness is an organic process although not linear. You could say that it is a quantum awareness in that the shift is dimensional in nature rather than progressive. By pushing the expression before the idea is fully formed, you stifle the growth of the idea. Relax and allow. The picture will become clearer and the pieces of the puzzle will fall perfectly into place.