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There is nothing now other than personal accountability

Please talk about obedience to authority vs. willfulness, and where to find balance between the two.

At this point in the evolution of the species, you are called upon to find and follow the knowing of your essential self and to follow this knowing as your ultimate authority. We realize that although easily said, it is not easy to discriminate between the reactive self, possessed by patterns of the past, and the essential whole self, present fully to the moment. This is the call, for each and all to connect to the ineffable knowing that is beyond the selfish ego-driven, motive directed persona that is so frequently mis-identified as the being that you know yourself to be.

There are and will be many false prophets and in your hunger to know, or to find a place of peace, in your search to awaken, you all too readily relinquish responsibility for yourself and your welfare to others who present themselves as more evolved or awake than you perceive yourself to be. The time of giving over your power to others must come to an end NOW! There is nothing now other than personal accountability. In cases where circumstances occur that seem beyond your control, you must, and we say this emphatically, you must claim your power in the response that you choose to those circumstances.

There has been much discussion about the law of attraction and there are those who misconstrue the notion of vibratory resonance drawing  circumstance of like vibration as somehow a cause for blame when the circumstances that are attracted are less than pleasant. This is like blaming a ball for falling when dropped from a height. Gravity does what gravity does and the law of attraction does what the law of attraction does. The judgment of the attracted circumstances is often extrapolated to a judgment of the person experiencing the circumstances. The judgment in its very nature is flawed and misdirected. The circumstances are simply an indicator of the influences at work, just as the falling ball is an indicator of gravity at work.

So, a big part of the awakening that is taking place, and must take place, is founded in a reconnection to the essential self, the knowing that is beyond the ego, the knowing that is pure of influence and that is its own authority. In all circumstances, whatever they are, the goal is to be awake enough to take appropriate action and to be accountable for whatever action it is that you ultimately take. It is by taking responsibility, by being accountable, that you reconnect to your power, your creative, vital source.

Be cautioned that responsibility and accountability, although often mistaken for such, are worlds apart from blame or assignment of fault. Blame is a vehicle of domination and disempowerment; while responsibility is the gathering in of the affect of one’s life and a level of ownership that has the power, through choice, to move one from victimhood to active co-creation of, and participation in life.

2 comments to There is nothing now other than personal accountability

  • I really like/truly believe this part of your writing/awakening. “a big part of the awakening that is taking place, and must take place, is founded in a reconnection to the essential self, the knowing that is beyond the ego, the knowing that is pure of influence and that is its own authority”
    I am so happy to know that we are as human entities reaching a critical mass for awakening. The time is certainly in our Now. Thanks for sharing this and all of your amazing writings.

  • Henry

    Accountability can be linked directly to the use of language in our various cultures. Language is like any great power, it can destroy and it can heal. Even more, it can inspire, educate, entertain, instruct and guide. Yet in today’s world of texting, tweating and e.mails we are loosing touch with it’s great power just when we think we are maximizing its power. Our growing need to be “efficient” and multi-tasked doesn’t just cause car accidents. It’s reducing our humanity to zeros and ones and leading to many misunderstandings. Words without sounds are like lyrics without music. The hidden power of language is in it’s EXPRESSION, the tone and energy that are its context. The growing obsession with constant connectability with internet based social networking like “Twitter” is a double-edged sword. While increasing connectivity it also enables us to “hide” behind the technology, enabling us to be less accountable because we don’t have to be “face to face” when we deliver the message. I remember witnessing my son and his girlfriend texting back and forth about whether they should break up. He was so frustrated because he wanted to talk about it while she insisting on “hiding” behind her Blackberry. Technology connects and it also impersonalizes are connectivity. I fear we will begin to lose our ability to face one another enabling us to be even less accountable.

    Whatever happened to people spending time together. Social networking should include more “pressing of the flesh”, not more technology.

    At one time, words were a person’s currency. A person’s “word” was their bond with another, a binding contract. Now, we have litigation, “I’m stupid and irresponsible and it’s your fault.” Being “unaccountable” has become a national pastime, a lucrative business for many and a contributing source of our economic woes.

    I yearn for the days when accountability and the value of a person’s word were one and the same, when “important” communication was a face to face matter. I hope I never have to tweat!