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Meaning as you construe it is bound by time and shaped by judgment

How can we find meaning in our daily lives in the face of the grander call for the evolution of consciousness?

In some respect, the burden of meaning is lifted in knowing that the essential endeavor is the elevation of consciousness, and that elevation can occur regardless of the context of material circumstance. We are also acutely aware that you are a life form driven by meaning and purpose or at least the illusion of such. This is not to say that your actions are meaningless. Action as an expression of awakened awareness is transformative and has inherent meaning as an outgrowth of the energy of light.

This concept of meaning however, is too easily mutated into cause, a sense of purpose mutated into a mission. The language is not accurately conveying  the nuance here. It is important to distinguish action that is a pure response to the requirement of the moment, from action that is driven by ego with its attendant judgment and attachment. There is a polarity created when action mobilizes into cause, that results from a distancing from the initial impulse from which the action was born.

The key is to allow new impulses to emerge in a continuous flow, generating a momentum that is directly connected to the vitality of the moment; from moment to moment to moment. It is possible that the outward appearance may be indistinguishable between these two dynamics however the essence of the action is radically different in nature. One affirms life and the flow of possibility while the other, as it gains steam, will be likely to veer off track and result in some degree of wreckage.

Once again, we hearken back to the call to the present moment. You ask about meaning and purpose. The problem with the notion of meaning as you construe it is that it is bound by time and shaped by judgment. It is time to move beyond the duality of meaning and meaninglessness, for one cannot exist without the other and each perpetuates the other in a circle closing in on itself. In being present to the moment, the whole world is born and life is eternal.

1 comment to Meaning as you construe it is bound by time and shaped by judgment

  • james

    Meaning is bound by time since we are alive and shaped by judgment because we are born into relationship. The flow that you speak of wld therefore be enhanced by uncond love for the other in question. This might incl love for the particular constraints you mention such as the love of time itself which at times confounds the higher self’s attempt to be in flow.