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The shifting of awareness is an organic process although not linear

So, it’s been hard to write lately. The words haven’t been flowing as easily. Can you shed some light on what’s going on?

You have been integrating new concepts that your words do not readily express. Your thoughts have an interesting interplay with language. Because thought is not entirely bounded by language, there are some limiting factors that language imposes in translating whole and complete thoughts  into words. Thought itself can be experienced as an inspired moment  of awareness of an entire concept, as if an organic whole with no beginning or end, with no rational linear process of evolution. This type of thought is what you have been experiencing in reference to your questions about time and the words have not yet found a way to shape the subtleties that are still forming in your awareness. You are deconstructing the dimensions of experience of consciousness and you are racing ahead of your current comprehension in your eagerness to bring forth your expression.

This shifting of awareness is an organic process although not linear. You could say that it is a quantum awareness in that the shift is dimensional in nature rather than progressive. By pushing the expression before the idea is fully formed, you stifle the growth of the idea. Relax and allow. The picture will become clearer and the pieces of the puzzle will fall perfectly into place.

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