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By changing your mind, you change your world

How does it all fit together, this physical form that we are subject to and the notion that it is all illusion? How do we bring this knowledge into living life from one day to the next?

The physical form  is a crystallization of light, of thought. The physical is governed by physical laws. There is an inherent paradox in the knowledge of yourself as both consciousness and physical form that is not unlike the seeming contradictions inherent in quantum and Newtonian physics. You are at once physical and non-physical and reconciling the two seemingly unbridgeable realities is a feat that is beyond the capabilities of rational thought.

So, you are wondering, what is the purpose of this information if you cannot translate it into tangible and practical form. Gaining an understanding of the structure of consciousness and your experience creates a context for the change that you, humanity, the planet will be undergoing.  Understanding more of your  essential nature enables you to take action that will ease the coming transitions. Knowing that you are at the very core a being of light, you can practice the infusion of the light of love, to lighten the density of matter and loosen the hold of the illusion. So although there is no linear connection between your physical manifestation and the oneness that is your truth, you have the ability to use your physicalness to transmute itself, to become lighter.

Further, an understanding of workings of your world, and the nature of the illusion will provide a context for interacting with events in your life, if you allow it. The context to which you are oriented has the power to influence your choices, the way you interpret events, the way you prioritize your values, the way you choose to respond to circumstances. By changing your mind, you change your world and eventually, that change radiates out to affect everything. It is a world turning in on itself and the momentum of change ripples through from inside to out and back again in an endless loop. With each revolution through the cycle, the cycle is changed, spiraling outward in expansive motion. This is the motion that is the generation of worlds and it is in this generative creation that realities expand into new possibilities.

By interacting with the world of the physical through the lens of oneness, the experience of the physical cannot remain the same. Eventually, perception will shift to allow awareness of the interconnectedness that is at the heart of the physical plane. The perception of interconnectedness will evolve to perception of a still greater oneness where the bounds of physicality as you know it will dissolve and matter as manifestation of thought and consciousness will be readily perceived and interacted with directly.

It is a continuum, with many dimensions of experience. Dimensions within dimensions, unfolding endlessly. But you wanted to know the relevance and how to bring the awareness forth into expression in your physical plane. By integrating the knowledge of your being you are creating a bridge between dimensions, expanding consciousness to bring about an unprecedented unity  of inter-dimensional manifestation to generate a wholly new presence in the universe.

4 comments to By changing your mind, you change your world

  • james

    How does one face the awesome empty space of the possibility manifested by purifying thinking?

  • I’m thinking that the natural impulse is to fill that space, no? Or perhaps it becomes a dynamic of filling and emptying over and over again. I hope to have occasion to find out.

  • Hewhois

    How do i conquer the illusion in steps, and how do i do this with the most ease?

    • Great question! As for ease, that’s the kicker. The mere recognition that what we’ve believed is an illusion is innately an uncomfortable and disorienting experience. The only way I’m aware of to ease that discomfort is to release attachment to what we know, to use our beliefs and knowledge of the world as a working theory rather than defending it as ultimate truth. By proceeding in theory mode, by default, we leave ourselves open to inquiry and that is when we create the possibility of new awareness and the path to unraveling the illusion.
      As for steps, you might engage in taking some time daily to actively observe, to focus your attention on the object of one of your senses; something you see or something you hear. Ask yourself, what would I see if I could see what’s really there? What would I hear if I could hear what’s really there? Close your eyes and ask to see what is there to see. Simply observe. And be alert to unfamiliar aspects of your experience. Be attentive. We are pretty well conditioned to disregard a large portion of our awareness. As you allow yourself to expand your conscious awareness to include previously unrecognized subtleties and nuance, you will penetrate more and more of the illusion.