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You and many others will experience a phase shift in awareness

So, I’m wondering, after all this time, what is the purpose of the information that’s coming through in this writing? Is there an agenda?

Initially, you chose to engage in this exercise of writing with the intention of sourcing a deeper connection to a broader knowing and indeed you have achieved that end. The broader knowing that you have accessed is the voice of the many distilled to one, a collective awareness shaped into words that convey the mechanics of the world you inhabit. You ask about an agenda and this question is one that implies a degree of attachment to an outcome. We view ourselves more as facilitators, providing awareness and tools with which you may decipher the structures of your reality in order to shape it in a more conscious fashion. Whether or not you choose to implement the understanding you are provided is a matter for you to decide. We have no attachment either way. We are observers and a compassionate audience to the evolutionary change through which humanity is now progressing.

There will come a time where the information we reveal will open the possibility of awakenings only imagined. There are a growing number of beings on the planet whose consciousness will be impacted by the new frequency of awareness that will be transmitted. You and many others will experience a phase shift in awareness that will enable you to interact directly with light as the template for matter. Coherence is merely the beginning. It is from a state of coherence that the realm of infinite possibility is cast open. The agenda, if indeed there is one, is to see how far humanity can evolve toward pure mastery of the light and matter universe of manifest consciousness.

2 comments to You and many others will experience a phase shift in awareness

  • This appears to be thought to hand manifestation…

  • Indeed there is a shift in awareness all the time, but it occurs not gradually, it occurs in “quantum jumps” … your personal shift in awareness is evaluated remotely by all other individuals on this planet and after you are personally ready to accept (to give your consent to) the implications, to the new responsibility … then it occurs … and not only for you, but also for many people all over the world.

    If the collective resists in consensus to the new awareness, but YOU want it really hard, then you need to sacrifice yourself.
    (“It has been accomplished!”)

    “There is no coming to consciousness without pain.” – Carl Jung