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The song of unity will lift consciousness on the planet into the next dimension

Please speak about the transitions and transformations taking place on the planet at this time as related to the shifting of consciousness.

It is time to free the voice of the one, the energy of wholeness, the unifying force as it is manifest on this planet. You are not separate from this voice, you are essential in it’s expression.  You are the many tones that together provide the resonance and form of that voice. It is a coalescing of energies that bring forth the resonance that will manifest itself in song; enriching the song of the cosmos.  It is time to for the song of the planet to move from the cacophony of disparate tones and rhythms to unified and sustained harmonies with the greater galaxy.

What does this mean? How is this accomplished and what does the change look like in the manifestation of our lives?

This means that it is important to focus attention on those things that unify rather than those things that create division. This while maintaining the individual sparks that you are. Each note must ring clearly and yet is part of an orchestrated whole. Look for harmony. Listen for rhythms. Express from your heart and be moved by and in the direction of your joy.

This is a momentous time; a time of choice, a time of possibility, a time of transformation where the veils are thinning. It is through expression of the song that you are, that unique spark of life and light, that the song of unity will lift consciousness on the planet into the next dimension.

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