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The zero point is you...

The nature of reality as it is perceived is a function of the transmission/emanation of signals generated by the pulsing of two interfacing contexts. We choose not to say dimensions as your concept of dimensions is bounded and flawed in its limitation. So, contexts is a word we use to express the notion of facets of being of energy, of manifestation unbound by the material – unbound by the conceptualization of matter, time & space, The interaction of these realms is energetic – creating something akin to what you might imagine as a disembodied friction – a motionless movement & counter-movement generating an imperceptible force that is the generation of all thought, all matter, all time and sensation.

It is true that what you imagine as the void is indeed not a void at all but rather an infinite sea of the potential for all. The mechanism of creation is sourced in the emanation of energy of this field as it interfaces with the energy of consciousness in its multitudinous expressions. It is consciousness itself flowing into and out of existence from whence  all manifestation flows – the friction of the vastness of the seething void with the momentum of consciousness brings forth time & space and from time & space comes forth physical manifestation.

Understanding this mechanism of creation, you must realize that you are truly creator of the universe. Understanding this mechanism of creation, you must realize that you, in bringing forth your pure intention, shift the very structure of the universe.

The zero point is you- in the purity of your consciousness – the kernel of awareness from which your expression manifests itself.

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