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Surrender is the letting go of the notions about oneself that define your limitation

About surrender – surrender is the letting go – of the notions about oneself that define your limitation. You are in truth a brilliant light, a spark of divinity – unbounded and radiant. The only limitations you experience are limitations of your own design – limitations that you have engineered to create the expansion of your awareness – to deepen your compassion, to enable you an experience of yourself in contrast to the illusion of another. The cosmic play is the ongoing fluctuation between wakefulness and sleep. The call in this moment is to awaken – to rouse from the centuries of slumber – to take ownership of the light – your oneness.

This is a rare moment in time, the twilight between sleep and wakefulness. This is the realm of miracles and magic where the hard edges of an otherwise solid reality  construct are malleable, and the rules do not apply. It is in this moment that you can arise to the beacon that you are and emanate the radiance of the one vast consciousness that you are remembering.

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