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Know first and foremost that you are the light

The time is nearing when the world as you know it will merge with the world as you’ve dreamed it to be – where all things are possible and indeed, all things are made manifest. Depending on your level of consciousness, your level of awakening, this world will be a world of your dreams or of your nightmares – or in truth, it will be a world that blends them both. At its heart, this is not so different from the nature of the world in which you currently exist, however the ease and immediacy with which your hopes and fears are manifest is accelerating and therefore the call to consciousness is an ever more urgent demand. It is ever more urgent that you face your demons in an outright manner – that you bring them consciously into the light of your conscious awareness. For once the light exposes them, the power of the shadows is mitigated and your power to choose is returned to you, is emboldened.

Do not retreat from the experience of the shadow appearing in your manifestation in the world. While you may quake with fear at the recognition of your hand in the shaping of your world – do not shrink. Rise and shine forth the light – brightly and deliberately. Call into being the brilliance of your love. In the midst of chaos, call forth peace from the depths of your being. Radiate light and the world will shape itself to reflect that light. Have the courage that you can redirect and refocus your attentions. Have confidence that your love and your light are essential – now more than ever. Know that this is a time of profound possibility and that your role in shaping the world to come is critical. Know first and foremost that you are the light, that you must only choose to bring forth your brilliance that the world be illuminated.

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