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This purity of presence is the purity of light, the truth of who you are

The pregnant void – the vacuum of infinite density that surrounds and connects you to all things, all consciousness – that connects you to each other – this source of infinite possibility which has been recognized by your science is the field of information into which and from which your world emerges and is formed. While this field is invisible to most of you, it is nevertheless the malleable “stuff” from which all emerges. You are in constant interaction with it – and it with you. Your thoughts, intentions, and emotions feed into the field and are fed back to you in the manifestation of the events and circumstances that appear in your lives.

Knowing this, you are called to a new level of accountability and responsibility – to be aware of your contribution, your input to the shaping of your world as it moves into its new form. Your response to the events you perceive, your very perceptions in fact, impact the course of the evolution that you and the planet are undergoing.

The field is a boundless source and truly, the laws governing its access are shifting to allow greater and more direct interplay. The acceleration that is taking place is being made manifest on all levels. There is a quickening even of your physical form – a raising of frequency that will amplify your connection to the field – that will make more fluid the interchange and the resulting effect of your consciousness on the material reality you experience.

You can no longer indulge yourself in the role of victim. You can no longer abdicate your role in the creation of the life in which you find yourself. You are called to a new level of diligence and awareness. You are called to awaken to the patterns of thought and perception that have generated your experience.

With compassion for yourself and for the others who are similarly struggling to move beyond false identities and identification, you are called to relinquish your attachment to the identification with the stories of your life, the stories of who you are, the stories of who you will be. It is in the stripping away and release of such identification that you will access the light that resides at your core, that you will open direct access to the field and the unbridled possibility it provides.

Observe and release – your identities, your beliefs, your reactivity. Be naked and empty until all that remains is sheer presence. This purity of presence is the purity of light, the truth of who you are and it fills the universe with the brilliance of love made manifest.

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