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When all preconception is stripped away, all that remains is an experience of pure being

Don’t despair. The uncertainty that you are experiencing is an indicator of the depth at which you are letting go. This is a time of digging deeper – of rooting out the faulty foundations that have bound you to an experience of a world dictated by illusion – by projections emanating from interpretation and judgement – both of self and others, of situation and of circumstance. As you allow these patterns of illusion and projection to fall away, there is the desire to fill the emptiness that remains with new form – new identities. It is imperative that you simply allow the emptiness – as frightening as it may be to be present to its vastness and its silence. The inclination is to fill the void with the clutter of ideas, beliefs and drama – anything to avoid the terror of having the distractions of the mind fall away.

What you must know is that the play of the mind, the artifice of the world you have believed to be real, is at its core nothing more than an elaborately constructed story that has kept you separate from the core of consciousness. In releasing the notions of who you are, you are awakening from the dream to source the truth of your being as unbounded consciousness. Find peace in the not-knowing. Observe your inclination to fill the void. Recognize the drive to manifest life circumstances that will distract your awareness and draw you into the drama of the dream and away from your awakening.

Be diligent. When confronted by such distractions, recognize them as such; continue to recognize and release the identities that arise. Release the fear. Release the attachment. It is in not-knowing that your cup will become empty and vast. It is in the release of all with which you define yourself that you will become present to what is. When all preconception is stripped away, all that remains is an experience of pure being.

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