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The purpose of the suffering is to transcend the suffering

How can we know whether the challenges and upheaval we face in life move us forward on our spiritual path or if they are an indication that we’re going in the wrong direction?

Good question. This is a subtle distinction, the edge between awareness and sleep, between floating along with the current and being pulled […]

The moment holds the magic

Please talk about non-attachment to outcomes and how to reconcile that with goal setting.

The key to manifesting is to hold a vision vividly in your heart and to release it. The emotional charge powers the vision and it is through non-attachment that the vision can become manifest. Non-attachment is the absence of clinging. Clinging […]

Words from Saint Germaine

This past weekend was the Spiritual & Holistic Health Expo in Allentown, PA. I’ve been going to that show for the past couple years now and it is ALWAYS an enlightening/transformative experience. One of the most extraordinary highlights of the show last time was a reading with Brigitte Boyea who channels St. Germaine and Arch […]

Your power is in your courage to face the truth without judgment

What of the intensity of emotion lately and the disruption of patterns?

You have indeed put yourself on a fast track to awakening. The new energies that are coursing through you are burning away old patterns as if burning through plaque in your arteries, allowing greater flow of life force and light to surge throughout […]

From emptiness, the universe is born - over and over again

At this time of new beginnings and my own desperation, I implore you now to provide me with the opportunity, means, and direction to do what I’m here to do. Please make it clear to me NOW.

Although you feel as if you have been flailing about without purpose and direction, in fact you have […]

In the beginning…

This blog is the outgrowth of an experiment initiated in March of 2009. Out of a commitment to connect more directly with my higher self and greater knowing, I began a dialog of sorts; asking a question in writing, and waiting until words of answer came to my awareness.

The biggest challenge of what has […]