Synchronicity is an indicator of a deeper alignment of the events of consciousness

Can you speak about the mechanics of synchronicity?

The whole notion that you hold about time must be reoriented if you are to have an understanding of the workings of what you call synchronicity and others refer to as coincidence. Indeed, from certain vantage points there are no accidents, no coincidences. We will reiterate that the appearance of the linear nature of time, and the perception of cause and effect is simply a trick of the mind to create the illusion of predictability and control.
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The impulse to make sense of your world is the impulse that keeps you bound to its limitations

I seem to tire very easily. Can you provide some insight?

The energy fluctuations you feel are due to the rapid influx of new frequencies into your field reshaping your energetic signature. There is much readjustment as you acclimate and assimilate. For you these changes register as exhaustion, your system is sensitive to the new energies and your natural inclination is to brace against what is perceived on an energetic level as an onslaught of “new”  – new data, new frequencies, new orientation. As much as your conscious mind believes you invite and want to embrace change, the truth is that the security you experience in the predictability of your current perception of the world is something you fiercely defend, perhaps because of its very fragility.
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Meaning as you construe it is bound by time and shaped by judgment

How can we find meaning in our daily lives in the face of the grander call for the evolution of consciousness?

In some respect, the burden of meaning is lifted in knowing that the essential endeavor is the elevation of consciousness, and that elevation can occur regardless of the context of material circumstance. We are also acutely aware that you are a life form driven by meaning and purpose or at least the illusion of such. This is not to say that your actions are meaningless. Action as an expression of awakened awareness is transformative and has inherent meaning as an outgrowth of the energy of light.
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Focus your attention on those who wish to move forward

Is there some kind of practice I can do to expand my ability to see? A healer told me that this ability is under-developed and that it should be growing in tandem with my ability to hear the words that lead to this writing.

You were on the right track when you began to focus your attention on visualizing the sound that you hear in your head. Lend shape and color to the sound resulting from the tinnitus as an exercise to expand your sight. Another exercise you can do is to close your eyes and focus on a particular color until you have a vivid sensation of it. Practice this with the rainbow sequence beginning with red and moving through the spectrum to end with violet. When you become proficient in evoking the colors, you can move on to visualizing an object, an apple for example. Your particular mechanism originates with sound, so you may find it necessary at first to vividly describe the apple to yourself until you have a clear image of it.
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It is necessary that the shadow be embraced and integrated

So what do you have to share for today?

There is important work in which you each have a significant role, and a necessary prerequisite to engagement is that you be an integrated self, that you be whole. The denial of the parts of self which do not meet the image of the way you would like to see yourself will keep you stuck living in a one-dimensional shell that cannot fully engage in the multi-dimensional world. It is necessary, as we’ve said on multiple occasions, that the shadow be embraced and integrated  as part of the whole. Then and only then, with self-acceptance, is it possible to enable yourself to interact with life as it is, with the world as it is. With the release of the resistance to the truth of your being, you are freed to recognize and interact with the truth of circumstance.
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You are a being who makes meaning through context

I woke up this morning feeling especially anxious and haven’t been able to shake it all day. Any insight you can offer?

You’re churning. New thoughts, new dimensions of understanding are bubbling to the surface and disrupting old patterns. Not comfortable, we know, but necessary to the changes you are undergoing. You’ve been pondering this notion of awakening and the meaning it has to you in your life and on a deep level, you understand that awakening means the letting go of all the familiar associations you have to people, places, and events, that guide your current interpretation of your experience.
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The purpose of the experiment is to create sustainable life

Many of us are feeling change in the air, having some level of awareness of an underlying shift taking place. Can you speak in greater depth about the changes occurring at this time?

We have spoken on multiple occasions about the lightening of matter and with it the greater facility to manipulate it that will naturally occur. This is a time of consciousness arising, a quantum shift that will open the next dimension of evolution for humanity.
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There is nothing now other than personal accountability

Please talk about obedience to authority vs. willfulness, and where to find balance between the two.

At this point in the evolution of the species, you are called upon to find and follow the knowing of your essential self and to follow this knowing as your ultimate authority. We realize that although easily said, it is not easy to discriminate between the reactive self, possessed by patterns of the past, and the essential whole self, present fully to the moment. This is the call, for each and all to connect to the ineffable knowing that is beyond the selfish ego-driven, motive directed persona that is so frequently mis-identified as the being that you know yourself to be.
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The power of love is indomitable

Please talk about space-time and the role it has in healing work.*

There are many dimensions of consciousness that shape your experience on this physical plane, many energetic influences. The energies of these aspects each have their own spectrum of influence and impact the unfolding of life events and perceptions each in their own way. It is a complex matrix of interwoven energies coming together to form the hologram that you are in the physical earthly realm.
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When there is no choice but to change, the possibility of true choice is born

I see people in my life engaged in deep and intense struggle. Please offer some guidance for how to integrate and interact with them in their pain.

The drama of life brings many lessons with it, many of which are riddled wih the experience of pain and suffering. The greater the pain, the more challenging it is to transcend it until an extreme is reached where the only option is to transcend or die. This phenomena manifests not only in physical and literal death in certain instances, but more often as a death of ego, or a death of beliefs, attitudes or behaviors that have outlived their usefulness.
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The value of money is a value that is projected

Please talk about money and the nature of greed.

Money as we’ve said, is a representation of a concept. It has been imbued with an energy of its own as a result of all the attention placed upon it. The symbol of the concept you call currency has negligible value in and of itself and yet people have died and killed for it. It is by virtue of a mass hypnosis of sorts, that the dissociation from the purpose that money was meant to accomplish, and the hoarding of it as a thing of value in its own right, has become a norm.
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Finding your unique sense of purpose is simple but not easy

Please speak of how to connect with the unique purpose we are here to fulfill.

This notion of purpose is significant on multiple levels. A sense of purpose enables a focus of energy and intention which then manifests in the physical world. The challenge to find one’s purpose is an endeavor that itself is rich in its own awakening, awakening to the passions that drive you, the values that guide you, and the degree of expansiveness that you will allow in your self-perception and expression.
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Your ability to effect change will grow as the light within you expands

Just curious. On a practical note, how will awakening improve the quality of my daily life? How do I make this something that will translate into every day living?

Although we know that you want to hear otherwise, this isn’t about making your life easier from one minute to the next. In all truth, this is about raising the consciousness of humanity in order that you may continue to survive as a species. As we’ve said before, humanity is at a critical phase in its evolution. Radical transformation must occur in order that the next threshold of evolutionary change be crossed.
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You are not your thoughts.

How do we awaken?

This is a process of letting go and opening. The letting go is founded in a cultivated willingness to release attachment to the beliefs and ideas that you have embraced as your identity. It is essential that you cultivate a core understanding that you are not your thoughts. Nor are you what you do. Nor are you your physical presence. You are the spark of life that is the constant behind all of these expressions.
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The time to awaken is now

What is there to know about 2012?

All the changes now occurring are in preparation for the cataclysmic shift that 2012 will bring both in the landscape of the earth and in the consciousness of man. In fact, the shift of consciousness is already underway and the result of the infusion of the next dimension of consciousness will determine the degree to which the earth changes disrupt the status quo.
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