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You and many others will experience a phase shift in awareness

So, I’m wondering, after all this time, what is the purpose of the information that’s coming through in this writing? Is there an agenda?

Initially, you chose to engage in this exercise of writing with the intention of sourcing a deeper connection to a broader knowing and indeed you have achieved that end. The broader […]

By changing your mind, you change your world

How does it all fit together, this physical form that we are subject to and the notion that it is all illusion? How do we bring this knowledge into living life from one day to the next?

The physical form is a crystallization of light, of thought. The physical is governed by physical laws. There […]

The shifting of awareness is an organic process although not linear

So, it’s been hard to write lately. The words haven’t been flowing as easily. Can you shed some light on what’s going on?

You have been integrating new concepts that your words do not readily express. Your thoughts have an interesting interplay with language. Because thought is not entirely bounded by language, there are some […]