Accept and embrace without judgment. This is the path to wholeness.

Can you offer any direction for navigating conflict in difficult relationships; how to know when to work things through and when to let a relationship go?

Relationships are a reflection of where you are in your growth at any given time. When there is chafing in a relationship, this is to be understood as an opportunity for new insight; new insight about self and about the aspects of self that have been exiled. Although it looks as if the conflict is coming from outside oneself, in fact it is a collaborative effort between your conscious awareness and your higher self to provide you with an opportunity to rise to a new level of awareness.
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Know that it is you who is creating your experience

How can we know whether the messages & information coming through is coming from ego, source or other energies, if the source is beneficent and if the information is accurate?

It is always beholden upon  you to find the place of connection within yourself from which to evaluate the information with which you are presented. Now more than ever you are called upon to find your center and quiet yourself such that you will resonate with those things that will forward you on your path. Like time and the myriad realms of experience, truth too is relative to the evolution of consciousness. The words themselves do not convey awareness and understanding;  comprehension of the words is a function of one’s current state of awareness. And so the same words can have many dimensions of interpretation and thus many degrees of truth.
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Imagine time as a field within which experience occurs

Shall we talk about the structure of time and how it relates to our perception of reality?

The notion of time is inseparable from your reality construct. Imagine the motion of a gyroscope* with many cycles of motion revolving one into another. These are the dimensions of time that are integral to the structure of reality as you experience it. These orbits of time act as forces governing dimensions of experience. The thing you must know is that these forces are not fixed, they are not immutable, nor are they impenetrable. In other words, the structure of time can be penetrated. At the foundational level of consciousness, it is an overlay on experience that enables you to create an illusion of linearity by which you order your world.
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