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Know first and foremost that you are the light

The time is nearing when the world as you know it will merge with the world as you’ve dreamed it to be – where all things are possible and indeed, all things are made manifest. Depending on your level of consciousness, your level of awakening, this world will be a world of your dreams or […]

Surrender is the letting go of the notions about oneself that define your limitation

About surrender – surrender is the letting go – of the notions about oneself that define your limitation. You are in truth a brilliant light, a spark of divinity – unbounded and radiant. The only limitations you experience are limitations of your own design – limitations that you have engineered to create the expansion of […]

This is a critical moment – a momentous time for the expression of free will

There is a battle being waged. It is a battle for souls. The earth is moving into a time of transition where worlds converge, timelines collapse, matter rearranges, and possibility expands. The veil of illusion is thinning and the bleed-through of truth will cause great disruption of long-standing thoughtforms. As truth meets illusion, there will […]

The song of unity will lift consciousness on the planet into the next dimension

Please speak about the transitions and transformations taking place on the planet at this time as related to the shifting of consciousness.

It is time to free the voice of the one, the energy of wholeness, the unifying force as it is manifest on this planet. You are not separate from this voice, you are […]