This purity of presence is the purity of light, the truth of who you are

The pregnant void – the vacuum of infinite density that surrounds and connects you to all things, all consciousness – that connects you to each other – this source of infinite possibility which has been recognized by your science is the field of information into which and from which your world emerges and is [...]

Through neutral observation of the patterns of pain and suffering, these very patterns dissipate and lose hold

It is a journey – a journey to the depths and heights of your being. You embarked on this journey eons ago and now your travels are bringing you home at last. Although the destination is but a dim flicker on the horizon, these times herald an acceleration and your passage, although it may seem riddled with obstructions, is assured. Now is the time to gird your strength of spirit and continue. Continue to place one footstep after another. Continue with eyes and heart open to witness the emergence of the darkness as it makes way for the bursting forth of the light.
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